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Hello World

Chris Morvant’s first feature film, Life Cycle, was shot in little under a month in a garage in South Orange County. Minimal crew was hired due to strict filming policies during the pandemic. Creature Effects, an LA based company that built Vetro the animatronic head, worked attentively to bring this vision to life. Four remote operators worked in unison to convey the myriad of emotions that Vetro expresses throughout his life cycle. The finished product reflects the tenacity and determination of ourselves both on screen and behind the camera.



Carl, a computer programmer living in isolated existence in the remains of his grandparents basement, has activated the culmination of the past several years of his life's work: An Animatronic Head, complete with artificial intelligence and tasked with the goal of becoming human. Through their conversations, Carl and his creation, Vetro, must endure the obstacles and emotional consequences while trying not to lose themselves.

A blinking orange and white skull


Vetro, born of circuitry, forged by code, devoted to a single goal: to become human. Aided only by the wisdom of his creator, Carl, and the infinite knowledge of the internet, he must struggle with emotions, obsessions, nightmares, delusions, and cat videos. Can he navigate the perils of his treacherous path and divine what it means to truly exist among mankind?

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